On October 30, 2005, Cottage Ambulance will dedicate its new training center in memory of Lawrence C. Olzewski.  In July of this year, the organization decided to dedicate the newly developed center to Mr. Olszewski, but was waiting till the center had some renovations and was ready to be operational.  A good portion of the funds to make this happen were made possible by a Community Development Grant received this year with the help of Mayor Justin Taylor and Carbondale City Council.

It was unfortunate that shortly after that decision was made to dedicate the training center, Mr. Olszewski passed away, never knowing that he was selected to represent it.  Jim Pettinato, EMS Captain stated to family members, “I wish we were able to move faster on the project so he knew he was going to honored in this fashion.”

Mr. Olszewski, dedicated a large portion of his life to Cottage Hose, serving as a member of both the fire department, as well as, the ambulance corps.  He served as the organizations first aide and CPR instructor for over 25 years. He not only trained new students, but also helped develop new instructors.

His philosophy was he may teach the person who might help save his life some day, so he wanted to be sure everyone learned his or her skills well.  Those words could not have been more true, as some of the crews he helped train responded to medical emergencies at his home over the last few years.

Mr. Olszewski, held many offices in his tenure with both organizations, and was a chartered member of the ambulance.   He was most remembered for his role as President of the ambulance corps. prior to giving up the position due to health reasons several years ago.                

During his tenure, he guided the organization in a fashion that helped prepare for the future and despite relinquishing office, he continued to want to be kept updated on new happenings.  He would stop in the building every now and then just to “check-in”.

Several members commented, “Sometime new members wanted to know who was this guy stopping in asking a bunch of questions?”  They further commented, “It usually only took one encounter for them to find out the answer to that question, as others were quick to fill them in on ‘Sasky’s’ [his common name around the building] role with the company.”

Volunteers are needed in many areas of both organizations and don’t necessarily need to respond to calls, but rather serve as a support person helping with what ever talents or skills they may possess.

In the past, some individuals have offered maintenance, book keeping and secretarial services that are needed to keep the organization going on a daily basis.  Anyone interested may also inquire by calling 282-0345.