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      Subscription Plan
Our subscription program is considered a prepayment plan which covers any amount not paid by the primary or secondary insurance coverage (for medically necessary calls only).  Cottage Hose Ambulance reserves the right to bill third party payers for service rendered.

Subscription applications and payments will be accepted throughout the benefit year for coverage during the benefit period.  Payment of the subscription fee must be received by Cottage Hose Ambulance at least 24 hours prior to the date service is rendered.

This year’s subscription plan amounts are listed below.  These rates have not been increased since 1995.

Family Plan   $50.00
Individual Plan  $35.00

Benefits to being a Subscriber

1. Financial protection for you and your family.

2. Subscription fees cost less than $3 per month.

3. Reduce “out of pocket” expenses regardless of your insurance coverage.

Non-subscribers must pay an average of $500.00 per trip or the balance of what is not covered by their health insurance.

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