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Crash with fire on Rt. 106 
March 15th - Cottage EMS & Rescue were sent along with Station 61 fire for a reported vehicle roll over, with entrapment and the vehicle on fire.  Upon arrival crews found that the car was on fire, but the victim had been pulled by two bystanders to safety.   The 24 PD (Greenfield Twp.) had knocked down the bulk of the fire prior the arrival of other units.  E61-4 arrived and controlled the remainder of the fire.  The EMS team packaged the patient and transported her to CMC with serious injuries.  The Rescue crew provided lighting and hazard control.  The crews cleared in just over an hour.    On the box:  R51, R51-2, 51-9/CH1, 51-8/CH2, E61-4, FP 62, PSP   Photos

Heavy fire at Vandling blaze
Firefighters had heavy fire showing on arrival on Thursday, March 12, just before 20:00 hours in the 400 block on Main Street in Vandling, Box 4201. Fire was blowing out into the street from a 2.5 story wood frame structure at 440 with exposures on the Bravo (444) and Delta Sides (438).  With heavy fire involvement and exposure problems, Command immediately requested a second alarm on the box. First arriving engine, E-41, mounted a high volume exterior attack with Ladder 43 on the Alpha side.
 Following the high volume attack, crews determined that the fire was contained to the 440 Main Street structure. Command backed down the assignment to the second alarm, special calling Rescue Co. 51 from the second. Companies worked for nearly four hours handling extensive overhaul operations. The investigation to determine the fire's cause is underway by a PSP Fire Marshal. Photos
Heavy pin in Carbondale Twp.
March 11th - Just after 5:00pm the Rescue and EMS were sent along with Stations 60 and 62 for the MVA on Rt. 107 in Carbondale Twp.  Initial reports indicated a head on crash with injuries.  Communications then updated with a head on, with entrapment and one vehicle on fire.  The first arriving PD units knocked down the fire with a dry chem extinguisher.
Engine 60 was the first to arrive to find one critically injured patient heavily entrapped and the other patient self extricated.  Chief 60 took command and requested the Rescue deploy the Hurst system upon arrival.
The Rescue crew went to work on stabilizing the vehicle, removing the driver's side door and setting up for a dash roll.  Squad 62 assisted by removing the roof.  The dash was lifted and the victim was extricated in just over 20 minutes. 

Due to CMC being on "trauma bypass" a helicopter was requested for patient transport.  Rescue 59 set up a LZ for LifeFlight 3.  51-9/CH1 transported the patient to the LZ who was then flown to Geisinger Wyoming Valley.  51-8/CH2 transported the second patient to Moses Taylor. 

The Rescue remained on scene while PSP R&I investigated then helped with cleanup.   Crews cleared in about 2 hours. Thanks to all who assisted on this call, it was a job well done!! Photos
Truck into residence
February 26, 2009 - Just after 4pm, the Rescue and Cottage EMS were sent along with the city's fire department to Thorn St. for the reported car into a house with heavy structural damage.   Crews arrived to find a pickup truck that struck a Carbondale Housing Authority multi-family dwelling, causing significant damage.
The occupants of the apartment were not at home at the time of the accident and the driver was self extricated.  The EMS crew transported the patient to MCH while Rescue and Fire crews stabilized the structure.  Crews remained on scene for just about 2 hours.  Photos

Middle of the night rescue
January 19 - 0115hrs:  Cottage EMS was dispatched to the area of Meredith St. across from the "park & ride" for the reported sledding accident on the culm piles.  The first ambulance arrived to learn that two females had been injured after sledding off an embankment.  The crew requested a rescue box be transmitted bringing Rescue 51 with the 51 Jitney, along with Engine 60, Squad 62 and Rhino 62.  Crews traveled approximately 1/2 mile to reach the patients, both of whom had serious injuries.  A 2nd ALS truck from Lackawanna Amb. as well as Squad 59 were also brought in to assist.  Station 21 EMS/Rescue were put on standby with their ATV unit.  Personnel from CTFD and Cottage packaged the patients, who were removed by the Jitney and Rhino.  Both patients were transported to CMC by Cottage EMS.  Crews cleared in about an hour.

Rescue & Jitney on off road rescue in Area 25
On Sunday, December 7 in the late afternoon, the Cottage Rescue and Jitney were requested by Command 25 at the scene of an off road rescue.  Two ATV riders fell from a dam deep into the wooded area.  The Rescue and Jitney arrived with the crew gearing up with rope supplies and an off road set of ALS gear.  Crews from Jessup, Olyphant, Archbald and Cottage worked very well together in reaching and treating the patients.  Both patients were packaged and removed via ATV's from Archbald and Olyphant.  Rehabs 59 and 29 were also on scene providing rehab for the very cold rescuers exiting the woods.  The Rescue and Jitney cleared in about 2 hours. More

2008 Incident Summary
As Cottage EMS crews handled a record number calls in 2008, the volunteers of Cottage had another busy year.  The Rescue responded to 249 calls (one more than 2007).   The breakdown is as follows:
By Type:
MVA - 126
Lifeflight - 43
Fire - 25
Other - 16
EMS Assist - 8
Rescue type - 7
Fire Alarm - 6
Car Fire - 4
Flood related - 3
CO related - 3
Hazmat - 3
Gas related - 2
Drill / training - 2
MCI response - 1
By Location:
Carbondale City - 120
Fell Twp - 65
Carbondale Twp. - 51
Vandling - 5
Other - 5
Forest City - 1
Waymart - 1
Clifford - 1
Busiest month - December (28)
Slowest month - May (11)

Average per month - 21
Average crew per call - 4
Multiple call days - 54

Active responders - 30

Video Link

Special thanks
Special thanks go out to our friends at Station 43 (Browndale) for housing an ambulance for a few days while work was done at our Canaan St. substation.  It is nice to have such helpful & cooperative neighbors! 

Louisiana crew recognized
On Tuesday November 25th, the Cottage crew and their families, that were part of the PA Strike Team deployment to Louisiana for Hurricane Gustav, were recognized at a dinner hosted by EMS of Northeast PA.  The dinner was held at the Pittston Convention center and recognized all of the Region 5 teams that were deployed.  Joseph Schmider, Director of the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services for the P.A. Department of Health attended the dinner to personally thank the team members and their families. More....

EMS / Rescue on city house fire
On November 12, just after 6pm the Carbondale City structure fire box was hit for the reported working house fire on 42nd St. in the city. E51 arrived and reported heavy smoke showing.  After confirming the working fire ommand requested R51 to the scene to assist with rehab. Upon the Rescue's arrival the crew provided lighting and rehab.  51-9 and 51-8 provided the EMS standby.  Crews cleared in about 2 hours.

On the box:  E51, S51, R51-1, R51, 51-9, 51-8, E60.  E24 and R59 on the move up to Station 51.

Members complete vehicle rescue class
Congratulations to Cottage volunteers Katrina Gaer and Adam Scotchlas for completing the Vehicle Rescue class hosted by the Waymart Fire Dept.  Katrina is now certified as a BVR-T and Adam at the BVR-O level. 
Both are just being introduced to the rescue service and with the new training will be an important part of the Cottage team.

Two alarm fire in 1st due

At 01:46 hrs on October 22nd 51-9 was dispatched along with the Carbondale City FD for the reported working commercial fire on Gordon Ave. 

It was quickly determined that the fire was in area 60 (Carbondale Twp.) leading to a different 1st alarm assignment which included R51 and R51-2. 

51-9 and E51 were the first to arrive to report a working fire at the former Pioneer Baptist Church. 
R51-2 was on the road within minutes and upon arrival laid a 5" line to supply Ladder 58, also supplying hose for a connection between E51 and E60. The box went to 2 alarms bringing in a host of companies providing support. 

Upon the Rescue's arrival the crew was split, with most participating in fire activity on "side c" and the remainder providing lighting, cascade and setting up rehab.    Cottage EMS performed the EMS standby and worked the Rehab sector.   51-9/CH1 transported one firefighter to MCH early in the incident. 

Units cleared just after 5am.  Special thanks to Waymart EMS for standing by while our crews were tied up.  WNEP

Jitney runs on  18 box
A two alarm fire in Clifford brought out the "51 Jitney". The fire, which went two alarms, consumed a barn and ran at will into 20 wooded acres near Route 106 late Monday afternoon. Due to the rugged terrain and limited access,  the ATV was specialled for the response.
More: www.CliffordFire.com

Cottage crew home from Gulf Coast 
The Cottage ALS crew returned  from Louisiana after assisting  with operations for Hurricane Gustav.
Read their log ~ CNN Story ~ PA Homepage coverage

51 cuts again
Photo by C. Melodia
On Monday July 7th, the crews from Cottage were sent to another roll-over MVA with entrapment.  CFD was also sent, but as the call unfolded it was determined that the call was just over the Carbondale City / Carbondale Twp. border.  Crews arrived to find a SUV resting on it's passenger side with a female patient, partially ejected with her legs trapped under the A post on the passenger side.
Some bystanders had placed a car jack under the truck to relieve the pressure from her legs. The Rescue arrived with the crew quickly going to work along with the E51 crew stabilizing the truck with the Junk Yard Dogs and cribbing.  Access to the patient was made through the rear.  After removing the windshield the roof was flapped backward creating an extrication path.Cottage EMS transported the patient her to Community Medical Center. Photo Link  On the box:  R51, 51-9/CH1, 51-8/CH2, E51, E60, S62

Entrapment on 106 / Casey highway motorcycle crash
On Wednesday July 2nd in the early evening hours Cottage Rescue and EMS were sent along with Station 61 fire for the reported vehicle roll over with entrapment. The 51 Rescue Officer (Baron) was the first to arrive to confirm an SUV on it's roof with one pinned inside. The Rescue arrived and the crew quickly went to work stabilizing the truck with the Junk Yard Dogs and cribbing. 

The crew used the Hurst spreaders to gain access and make an extrication path. While E61-4 provided fire protection, the Rescue and EMS crews extricated the patient who was transported to CMC with significant injuries. Just as the rescue was finished cleaning up they were sent to the Casey Highway with CTFD units for a motorcycle accident. Cottage also transported this victim to CMC.  The Rescue crew assisted with patient care and packaging. Pix

Fire destroys Simpson building
Another early morning two alarm fire for the crews from Cottage today.  The box for a working structure fire came in just after midnight. Rescue 51-2 was the 2nd due engine, laying over 800 feet of 5" hose, eventually supplying E61-3 and Ladder 51. The crew from R51-2 was assigned to the C/D corner where they set up defensive operations with the Blitz Fire gun and hand lines. 

The Rescue provided lighting, cascade, rehab and manpower. Cottage EMS had the EMS standby with P848 (Whitelavich) assuming EMS Command.  Chief 62 had fire command.  Crews operated for over 4 hours.  Photolink Photo link - photos from Chief 62  On the box: R51, R51-2, 51-9, 51-8, 51-7, E61-4, E61-3, L51, L58, E42, E41, S62, E21-4, R59 Scranton Times

House cleared on Vandling Box 
At 0215hrs on June 16th Rescue 51 and 51-9 were dispatched on the 2nd alarm house fire in area 42 (Vandling).   Rescue 51-2 also rolled with additional manpower.  While en route the Forest City EMS command requested an additional EMS unit from Cottage.  Upon arrival, 51-9 and 51-8 were placed in EMS staging with the crews reporting to the EMS/Rehab area.  Rescue 51 was brought right in to the same area to provide lighting, rehab and EMS assist.  Rescue 51-2 was positioned on Main St. with it's crew reporting to staging.
Throughout the incident Rescue 51 provided lighting, rehab, cascade, EMS assistance and helped with accountability.  The crew from R51-2 was sent to side C to ladder the house and make an attack.  Shortly after they began they were pulled out by command due to heavy fire in the attic area.  The crew then went defensive from the exterior along with crews from 42 and E60. 

Captain 51 was the rehab officer while the 51 Rescue Officer assisted Chief 42 with command functions.  Crews remained on scene for almost 4 hours.

Later in the day the Rescue was special called back to the scene along with a Cottage BLS truck for the reported re-kindle.  The crew arrived and split with half assisting crews from 42 and Ladder 58 open up the roof and hit the hot spots.  The other half of the crew provided Rehab while 51-8 handled the EMS standby.  PHOTO LINK
On the Box 
1st Alarm : Engine 42, 41, 43, 614, and 52,  Rescues 59 and 41, Ladders 43 & 58, Special Unit 42, Forest City EMS 
2nd Alarm : Engines 28-1 and 60, Squad 22,  Ladder 18, Rescues 51 & 51-2, Ambulances 51-9 and  51-8 and Rescue 75 to Station 42 

Command: Chief 42 ~ Chief's Aide: Rescue Officer 51 ~ Side A/Division 1: Chief 43A ~ Side C/Basement: Chief 18-2 and Chief 42A  ~ RIT Officer: Chief 59-3  ~ EMS Command: J. Allison ~ Rehab: Captain 51 

2 alarm fire on city's east side
At around 4:15am on April 2, 2008 Cottage EMS and the Carbondale Fire Dept. were sent to the reported working structure fire on Lincoln Ave in the City.  Crews arrived to find a fully involved fire with heavy fire showing on all sides and divisions.  A 2nd alarm was put out bringing R51 and 51-8 to the scene.   Crews worked for almost 4 hours on the scene with the Rescue providing manpower, lighting and rehab.  Cottage EMS was assisted by Wm. Walker 59-9 on the EMS standby and covering calls in the city. On the box:  E51, S51, L51, R51-1, R51, 51-9, 51-8, 59-9, R59, E24, E59, L58, CPD Photolink

As the author (T.Baron) of this article I need to take a moment to thank the members of CFD for protecting my home.  My residence is about 20 feet or less from this residence that was fully involved.  My home received no damage due to their outstanding response and concern for the adjacent properties.  I also especially would like to thank the staff from the Marian Community Emergency Dept. who, as I was evacuating my family from my home, showed up at my front door and took my two small children to safety in the Emergency 

EMS/Rescue on 60 box
Rescue 51 and Cottage EMS were sent at around 2000hrs on Saturday, March 8th for the reported structure fire on Justina Dr. in Carbondale Twp. 51-9 was the first to arrive to report a two story residence with nothing showing. 

E60 and R51 arrived shortly thereafter to learn from the homeowner that the chimney was blocked with a possible fire.  The crews from E60 and R51 headed to the basement while the L58 crew worked outside. 

R51 provided lighting.  Crews cleared in just less than an hour after only a blocked chimney was found. Photos
On the box:  R51, E60, S62
Another morning fire
On April 28th, at about 4:20 am the Carbondale City FD and Cottage EMS were sent to the reported house fire on Washington St. on the city's east side.  CFD arrived and reported a working fire. The house was unoccupied, with this being the second fire in less than two years at the same address.  CFD called for assistance from Stations 24, 60, 61 and 62.  Cottage EMS arrived and provided the EMS standby.  Rescue 51 was called in just after 5am. 

Cottage EMS transported three firefighters to MCH for medical issues.  The Rescue remained on scene for over 3 hours providing rehab and lighting.

On the box:  E51, S51, L51, R51-1, R51, 51-9, 51-8, 51-7, E24, S62, E61-4, CPD (on standby @ CFD HQ - E60)   PHOTO LINK

Massive fire at Mermelsteins
Cottage Fire, Rescue and EMS spent a good portion of Friday evening at a two alarm fire in Carbondale Township at the Mermelstein building. The building, located on Business Route 6, housed several businesses under one roof. The fire drew apparatus from three counties as water woes forced firefighters to shuttle water and draft from the Lackawanna River besides using the overtaxed hydrant system.  Rescue 51-2 was assigned to the tanker fill site on near Meredith St. Three EMS crews stood by at the fire scene and helped out with rehab working side by side with Rehab 59. Crews from Forest City EMS and Archbald EMS also assisted by covering calls from our main station.  Rescue 51 served as the command post, provided cascade and scene lighting. Crews remained on the scene until after 02:00 hours on Saturday. Chief 62 (MacDonald) had command while Chief 60 (Wahy) had operations. EMS Lt.51 (Bifano) ran the EMS sector.
A special thanks to the hard working crew from Rehab 59 for all their help, as well as the paid staff members who stayed well past the end of their shifts, both helping at the fire scene and covering other EMS calls. At 0600 hours, the first alarm assignment went out at the same location for the re-kindle. R51 and R51-2 were the first to arrive to find fire in the wall on side B. The crews stretched a line and put a knock to the fire. Ladder 58, Engine 60 and Squad 62 arrived a short time later and all the hot spots were hit. Crews remained on scene for another 2-3 hours.
On the assignment: R51, R51-2, 51-9, 51-8, 51-7
ENGINES 60, 43, 51, 24, 20, 59, 58-3 
LADDERS: 51, 58, 20, 43 
RESCUES: 59, 36, 25 SQUAD: 62 
REHAB: 59 EMS: 59-9 
TANKERS: 60, 15, 36, 24, 18, 28, 2, 14, 63 EMA: 35 
COMPANIES MOVED: 61, 26, 75, 22, 5, EMS 21, FC EMS 
PhotoslScranton Times

Cottage places Mass Casualty trailer into service
Cottage Hose Ambulance is pleased to announce that it has placed into service a Mass Casualty Incident Response Unit. The unit was purchased by Lackawanna County's Emergency Management Agency using a Homeland Security grant and was turned over to Cottage. 

It is now owned and operated by Cottage exclusively.  It is only one of two in Lackawanna County, the other being operated by Blakely Community Ambulance.

The trailer is equipped with supplies to treat up to 50 patients.  It also has a 5000 watt portable generator, two portable tripod lights and incident command supplies.  Cottage has added ALS supplies to the large quanity of BLS supplies already in the trailer. In total the trailer has over 3000 separate medical supplies.  The trailer will service an 8 county region, but may be called anywhere. 

Cottage MCI trailer called to service
Less than 2 weeks after placing our new Mass Casualty Incident Response Unit into service it was requested along with a number of other emergency services to standby for a possible "airport emergency" at the Scranton / Wilkes Barre International Airport.  Cottage volunteers quickly assembled and prepared the trailer for the response.  Thankfully the airplane, which has landing gear difficulties, landed safely and all units were returned.  See more from WYOU. 

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